Light Up Your Space with a Stylish Large Paper Lantern Pendant Light

The Charm of Paper Lantern Pendant Lights

Beautiful lighting can add a significant aesthetic and functional value to any room. When it comes to lighting, the kind of fixtures we choose plays a major role in defining the ambiance of space. One of the most fashionable and elegant types of lighting fixtures is paper lantern pendant lights. These pendant lights offer general illumination while adding a touch of style and charm to any room.

What are Paper Lantern Pendant Lights?

Paper lantern pendant lights are essentially big, bold, and delicate lighting fixtures with a floral, lattice design. They’re typically constructed by folding paper over a wire frame and secured with strings. The paper lanterns are designed to be suspended from a ceiling and give a soft, ambient light.

Advantages of Large Paper Lantern Pendant Lights

One of the most significant advantages of large paper lantern pendant lights is their size. They’re bigger than most pendant light fixtures, and this makes them ideal for bigger rooms with high ceilings. Large paper lantern pendant lights offer enough lighting to cover a wide space without cramped shadows or dark areas.

Another benefit of paper lantern pendant lights is their affordability. Compared to other lighting fixtures, paper lantern pendant lights are usually more affordable, depending on the material and design. Thus, they offer an excellent price-to-quality ratio.

Finally, paper lantern pendant lights can easily blend in with any room decor. Their subtle yet elegant design complements any room and adds an extra layer of charm to space.

Where to Put Large Paper Lantern Pendant Lights

Paper lantern pendant lights are versatile lighting fixtures that can be used in many different areas of a home. However, they tend to look best when used as accent lighting in areas such as:

  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Foyer/Entryway
  • Master Bedroom

When choosing the perfect spot to put your paper lantern pendant lights, you should consider the following:

  • Ceiling Height
  • Room Size and Shape
  • Room Purpose

How to Install Large Paper Lantern Pendant Lights

Paper lantern pendant lights come with a wire that extends from the top of the fixture’s frame. This wire is connected to a mounting bracket, which is secured to the ceiling. The installation process entails:

  1. Turn off the power to the fixture’s connection point.
  2. Attach the mounting bracket to the ceiling using screws and wall plugs.
  3. Connect the wires from the bracket to the fixture’s wire extension.
  4. Attach the paper lantern to the mounting bracket.
  5. Turn the power back on and test the pendant light.

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