Living room decoration style introduction

The living room, as a residential area with the largest area, is also the place where the family receives guests. It is the soul of the entire home decoration. The decoration design of the living room can reflect the owner’s unique taste and style of life. So we must pay attention to the decoration of the living room. So how to ensure that the living room decoration is reasonable? In the design of the living room, whether the space is large or small, designing a spacious space is a very important thing in the decoration, because a spacious space can relax the mood and bring joy.

Which style is good for the decoration of the living room?

  1. Modern and simple style

The modern minimalist style decoration space should be open and transparent both inside and outside. Special processing methods and fine construction techniques are carried out on the transfer of materials, presenting an advanced high-tech indoor space atmosphere that combines tradition and fashion. The selection of interior furniture, displays and lamps in the modern and simple style must be based on the overall design. Simple style decoration is mostly decorated with geometric lines, and the colors chosen are also more lively and jumping. The choice of accessories strives to be something with simple lines and single colors. Gives people a relaxed, free and stable feeling.

  1. Southeast Asian style

Southeast Asia’s style of pursuing nature is also reflected in its house decoration. Usually, some natural raw materials are widely used, such as raw materials such as rattan, bamboo, and stone, to deduce the charming and natural fascination. A variety of colorful fabric decorations are the obvious characteristics of Southeast Asian furniture. They are properly matched and seem to have a very ethnic flavor.

Living room decoration style design coup

  1. Decorate your windows with shutters and blackout curtains

Compared with traditional curtains, blinds are more fashionable. Most of them are suitable for indoor and outdoor shading and ventilation, and can effectively adjust indoor light and control the brightness of the room. It is not only flexible and light, but also adds a mood to the interior!

  1. The room is small and the color is few

If too many colors are used in the decoration design of a small apartment, it will make the space more narrow. Therefore, when doing decoration design for small apartment houses, avoid using too many colors and choose fresh and elegant colors to better reflect the open space.

  1. Use mirrors to attract sunlight

Place a mirror opposite the window to draw sunlight into the room. Individual decorative effects and unique use functions have become an important element of home decoration.

  1. Sofas and blankets

You can consider using blankets to decorate your home. The role of blankets is to cover the sofa and degrade the color of the space. At the same time, arrange small accessories reasonably in the room, but don’t be too complicated, the purpose is to increase the depth of the space.

  1. Bright floor

The brightly colored floor gives a feeling of enlarged space. If the floor has been laid in the room, you can choose some brightly colored carpets to make up for the defects of the floor decoration.

  1. Green plants

Putting green plants in the room can not only effectively improve the indoor air quality, but at the same time, the reasonable placement can also expand the space and make people feel happy and cultivate sentiment. However, pay attention to the maintenance of plants so that they cannot wither.

  1. Gentle lighting

Household lamps and lanterns are an important part of home decoration. Surrounding lights can form a scattered lighting effect, which makes the room bigger in terms of visual effects. Don’t have too much lighting, just warm and soft. Gentle and average lighting can ensure the integrity of the room.

The above is a small coup for the living room decoration provided for you this time. Follow-up will introduce you to other room decoration design tips.

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