VP1 Flowerpot Pendant: A Modern Twist on Classic Home Decor


Home decor has always been a way to express personality and style. For centuries, flowerpots have been a classic choice when it comes to adding a touch of greenery to a living space. However, with the ever-changing trends, the classic flowerpot has undergone a modern transformation with the introduction of the VP1 Flowerpot Pendant.

The Design

The VP1 Flowerpot Pendant, designed by Verner Panton in 1969, features a unique design that elevates the traditional flowerpot to a piece of sophisticated home decor. The pendant is made up of two parts – an outer shell and a removable inner pot. The outer shell is made up of a series of half spheres that interlock to form a single, continuous surface. The inner pot is suspended from the outer shell with three metal chains, allowing it to hang decoratively in any room.

The Material

The VP1 Flowerpot Pendant is made of lightweight and durable plastic, making it easy to install and maintain. The use of plastic also means that the pendant is available in a range of colors, adding more options to effortlessly integrate the pendant into any room’s existing color scheme.

The Functionality

Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the VP1 Flowerpot Pendant has a range of practical functionalities. The inner pot is removable, allowing for ease of cleaning and also facilitating the planting of live plants. Additionally, the pendant’s suspended design allows for light to pass through the interlocking half-spheres, casting an interesting pattern of light and shadow onto the surrounding surfaces.

The Versatility

The VP1 Flowerpot Pendant’s versatile design and functionalities make it a great addition to any living space, from living rooms to bedrooms, and even outdoor patios. Its suspension design makes it easy to position at different heights or in different locations, adding a touch of modern elegance to any room’s decor.

The Cost-Effectiveness

With its affordability and wide range of uses, the VP1 Flowerpot Pendant is a perfect way to add a modern touch to your home’s decor without breaking the bank. Its timeless design means that it will maintain its appeal for years to come, making it a great investment for any home.

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