Top 5 Best Chandelier Series to Bright Your Home

Today I recommend to you the top 5 best chandelier series to light up your home.

01 dew drops series

The shimmering dew on the thin blades of grass exposes the elemental beauty of nature that continues to fascinate us. The familiar and captivating dewdrop shape inspired the dew drops collection with its precise details.

Illuminated by an internal light source for an extraordinary aesthetic experience, the crystal object with a hint of iridescence is tightly attached to a strap hand-sewn using innovative materials.

With its variable installation possibilities and options to create unique combinations in space, the BOMMA Dew Drops collection is a unique and artistic installation with a centerpiece that sparkles from every angle inside.

02 pebbles series

Pebbles are reminders of special moments or favorite places. Their diverse shapes and colors inspire BOMMA’s collection of pebbles, while inviting you to express creativity together.

It provides options to create unique combinations. Just like gemstones, the crystal components of the Pebbles collection are absolutely original, thanks to hand blowing.

String colourful shapes to its internal light source at will to create elegant objects that turn into works of art in any interior.

03 shibari series

Shibari is not just a technique for tying objects with ropes, but a method of communicating within a hidden system of wires and loops. In Japanese, it’s called Kinbaku: tightly bound beauty.

This sophisticated collection places crystal centers in knots to capture our attention and create variable compositions.

Due to BOMMA’s bold design, Shibari can be considered a work of art, either as a stand-alone piece or in a sculpture-like composition.

04 Umbra series

Every detail of this Umbra lighting collection reflects the relationship between geometric objects and their shadows with refined elegance.

Its metal plate is derived from the perfect oval shadow cast by the crystal ball and reflects the sophisticated colour scheme of the mouth blowing parts.

BOMMA’s traditional glass-making techniques ensure that every piece in the collection is truly original. The combination of perfect details, elemental shapes and refined pastel colours make Umbra a true gem of your interior.

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